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No New Energy Taxes

March 26, 2012 J

With the price of gasoline skyrocketing you’d think that Washington would be doing everything it could to ease the price and the impact on your wallet. Well, you’d be wrong.

Believe it or not, Harry Reid’s tax-and-spend gaggle in the Senate are responding to soaring gas prices by, you guessed it, trying to raise taxes on oil and gas companies. Of course, higher taxes mean higher prices; it’s just common sense.

The bill is S. 2204, offered by Senator Menendez from New Jersey. Not only does it seek to jack up taxes on oil and gas when we can least afford it, but it also handpicks a range of so-called green technologies for special tax breaks. This bill tries to prop them all up: electric cars, cellulosic biofuels, wind, ethanol blender pumps, and on and on.

Take action today and tell your senators not to make gas even more expensive

Americans for Prosperity Launches Huge Media Campaign

November 02, 2011 J

Americans for Prosperity has just launched a $2.4 million media campaign in Florida, Michigan, New Mexico and Virginia. The campaign is focusing on the $535 million in taxpayer money given to Solyndra, the now bankrupt solar panel company with ties to the administration.

For more information about Solyndra and AFP's effort to educate citizens about this serious abuse of taxpayer dollars, go here.

Also, be sure to read the news breaking CNN story detailing the campaign.

If you agree with us that taxpayer dollars need to be protected, sign our petition!

Chase Downham
State Director
Americans for Prosperity - Indiana

EPA denials ring hollow

October 01, 2011 J

Last week I posted here on the AFP blog about EPA's admission that it would need 230,000 additional bureaucrats at an annual cost of $21 billion to process permits related to its greenhouse gas regulations.

After the Daily Caller reported on the same story, it gained so much attention that EPA went into damage-control mode. Politico ran a piece today trying to spin away the shocking story.

But the story is valid.

The regulation at issue is called the Tailoring Rule, which is EPA's unlawful attempt to act as a super-legislature, rewriting the permitting threshold to shoehorn greenhouse gases into the Clean Air Act. But the law says what it says.

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