Oppose New Mass Transit Taxes

January 28, 2014

Thanks to your efforts, the Indianapolis mass transit expansion plan that included tax increases and was estimated to cost at least $1.3 billion was sent to a Summer Study Committee by the Indiana General Assembly during last year’s legislative session.

However, after a year of studying this issue, the Indiana Senate has emerged with a plan that while containing certain positive aspects is still concerning and still has the potential to raise taxes by the hundreds of millions. The new plan for expanding mass transit consists of up to $125 million in new tax increases on both individuals as well as job creators.

With no details from transit supporters on how these funds would be utilized, this year we are faced with legislation that seems to be a tax increase in search of a mass transit plan.

Senate Bill 176 has the potential to punish all Hoosier taxpayers living in Delaware, Madison, Hamilton, Hancock, Johnson and Marion counties. Please take action now and tell your legislators that taxpayers deserve better!

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