AFP Launches New TV Ad

April 19, 2013

Following the release of a major radio ad campaign yesterday, AFP-Indiana just launched a new TV ad that will air in targeted regions across Indiana. The latest ad, which urges the General Assembly to provide tax relief to Hoosier families, reflects the results of a recent poll which found an overwhelming majority of Hoosiers support the budget and tax cut proposed by Governor Pence. This also comes on the heels of the recent news that Indiana will have an additional projected $290 million over the biennium.

AFP-Indiana State Director Chase Downham said, “Our latest TV ad simply reflects what Hoosiers have been telling us for months – that they care deeply about Indiana’s budget surplus, and want to see that money returned directly to the taxpayers, where it belongs. The 10% income tax cut accomplishes this, ensuring vibrant economic growth and new jobs in addition to much-deserved relief for every taxpaying Hoosier.”


The new ad, called “Our Tax Cut” features real Hoosiers urging state legislators to “do the right thing” and pass Governor Pence’s tax cut. The ad builds on a recently released radio spot, and is part of a six-figure campaign that includes paid advertising and significant grassroots action.

In a recent poll, AFP-Indiana found that more voters, whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent, support the Pence budget proposal than the House and Senate budget proposals combined. 54% of all voters surveyed said the Pence budget will have a positive influence on them and their family.

“Hoosiers have been very clear,” Downham continued. “They want and deserve tax relief for their families and neighbors. We believe that the General Assembly will do the right thing and not ignore the will of the people.”

Over the past three months Americans for Prosperity has led aggressive grassroots action throughout the state, where activists have already knocked on over 25,000 doors, attended over 50 events, sent 6,000 emails and placed nearly 2,000 personal calls to the state legislature.

To learn more or interview Chase Downham, please call 317-627-1451 or email

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