AFP-Indiana Statement on Latest Revenue Forecast

April 16, 2013

The Indiana Chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the Hoosier State’s leading proponent of fiscal responsibility and lower taxes, issued a statement today in regards to the news about Indiana’s revised April Revenue forecast.

“Today’s economic forecast is exciting news for Hoosier taxpayers,” stated Chase Downham, Indiana State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “For those who had doubts, there is no question now that Indiana lawmakers can deliver on additional tax relief to Hoosier taxpayers and small businesses.”

AFP-Indiana recently released the results of a poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies which shows 52% of Hoosiers (64% of Republicans and 54% of Independents) believe surplus dollars are best used for lowering taxes over government spending. This same poll asked the following question:

Republican Governor Mike Pence says that his budget is the best way to grow the state economy and make Indiana attractive to new and growing businesses. He says that the proposed tax cuts for every Indiana family will help create jobs in the state and result in larger paychecks for Indiana workers.


Republicans in the Indiana State Legislature say that Indiana has already cut taxes ten times in the past decade and that there is also an inheritance tax cut proposed for this year. Additional tax cuts like the income tax cut that Governor Pence has proposed would be unsustainable long term. Instead of more tax cuts, Indiana should increase the budgets for important state programs such as education and transportation

Which one comes closest to your own opinion?

The results of this question were that 57% of Hoosier voters agree with Governor Pence, while just 38% agree with the talking points of some Republicans who have argued against the income tax cut. 70% of Republicans and 60% of Independents support the Governor’s arguments for the income tax cut over arguments against it.

“At the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves: Who does this money really belong to and who is best to spend it?” continued Downham. “We encourage the General Assembly to do the right thing and prioritize taxpayers.”

Americans for Prosperity has led the grassroots fight for a state budget that puts taxpayers first with a full-court press that includes TV, radio and significant grassroots action. AFP activists have already visited over 20,000 households, sent 5,000 emails to legislators, and made 1,500 calls directly to lawmakers in support of the Pence budget and proposed tax cut.

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