AFP-Indiana Fights for Hoosier Taxpayers by Supporting Pence Budget

February 14, 2013

Below is testimony from AFP-Indiana State Director Chase Downham to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Mr. Chairman, members of the committee, good morning. My name is Chase Downham. I am the Indiana State Director of Americans for Prosperity (AFP). Americans for Prosperity is the states largest grassroots organization dedicated to advancing policies that promote economic freedom and protect taxpayers. We have nearly 40,000 activists located across our state in all 92 counties.

I am here today to urge you to move forward a budget that embraces fiscal conservatism and reduces the tax burden on Hoosier families and small businesses through a 10% income tax cut.

 Our organization recognizes the job in front of you is a difficult one…to craft a 2 year budget for our state that will not only maintain our fiscal integrity but also serve all Hoosiers. While we realize that there are different approaches to both spending and taxes, Americans for Prosperity favors a fiscally conservative approach, the approach displayed in Governor Pence’s budget proposal.

An important step in this process is to recognize that taxpayers deserve to be in control. Every dollar being discussed here today is a taxpayer dollar and every dollar the General Assembly spends is a dollar that otherwise could be utilized in the private economy. As you finalize this budget, we ask that you please remember that we cannot spend our way to prosperity.

Prosperity comes when individuals and small businesses have more money to invest in the economy. Telling Hoosier taxpayers and small businesses that they must wait until April to see if they can have a tax cut, we believe incorrectly places our priorities. It seems we can discuss new ways to grow government spending and create new government programs, but Hoosier taxpayers have been told by some that they need to wait for their voice to be heard.

But taxpayers are not waiting, many of you have received phone calls and emails from constituents. In addition to this, I am happy to share with you that so far we have over 500 Hoosiers who havesigned our petition in support of the Governor’s budget and tax cut. These Hoosiers come from nearly 200 cities and towns across our state.

Americans for Prosperity believes that Governor Pence has presented a budget that funds our priorities while pumping more money back into our economy through a 10% income tax cut.

We hope as you finalize this first version of the budget that you remember the taxpayer. We ask you to prioritize tax relief in this budget and cut income taxes by 10% for all Hoosiers.

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