AFP Continues Stand Against Mass Transit Taxes

August 01, 2013

From the Indianapolis Star

Mass transit advocates outline route details for $1.3 billion expansion plan

Transit advocates are refining their plans to make another run at the Indiana General Assembly to secure funding for a 10-year, $1.3 billion transit overhaul in Central Indiana.IndyConnect on Wednesday outlined routes and stations for three of five proposed rapid transit bus corridors it is recommending in the long-discussed transit proposal. The detailed route recommendations were made after a $2.4 million taxpayer-funded study.

….Others are ready to challenge the proposal. Chase Downham, executive director of the tea party-affiliated group Americans for Prosperity Indiana, said he has serious questions about whether taxpayers can afford it.“At a time when taxpayers still are struggling to get on their feet,” Downham said, “as an organization we can’t see any value in raising taxes, especially for something that time and time again has proven to be a huge burden on local government budgets.”

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