2013 Naughty List

December 03, 2013

From Right to Work to education reform and tax cuts. Indiana has accomplished some great things over the past few years to put our state on track! We have a growing economy, a business friendly environment, and are truly the fiscal envy of the Midwest. These reforms were possible thanks to a great state legislature committed to the principles of economic freedom.

However, there were opponents to each of these legislative landmarks within the halls of the General Assembly. Some of them include folks that thought hardworking Hoosiers should not have a choice in whether or not to join a labor union. Some thought parents should not have a choice on where to send their son or daughter to school. Some even thought that tax cuts do not foster economic growth. Collectively, these are the state policymakers that adorn our 2013 Naughty List.

Be sure check AFPIndiana.org each day during the first two weeks of December as we roll out members of this year’s Naughty List, and learn why they deserve a large lump of Southwest Indiana coal. While you’re there, be sure send anyone representing you an email urging them to do better.

Who knows, with enough encouragement from Hoosiers like you, maybe they’ll be on the “nice” list by this time next year!

December 3, 2013
Rep. Clyde Kersey-D and Senator Tim Skinner-D, Terre Haute
Throughout the 2013 Legislative Session there were no greater opponents to economic freedom than Representative Clyde Kersey and Senator Tim Skinner. From voting against the largest tax cut in state history to voting against a worker’s right to choose whether or not to join a labor union (2012), these two state legislators have stood in the way of progress in the Hoosier state. Send these legislators a message to tell them Hoosiers care about economic freedom!

December 4, 2013
Rep. Ron Bacon-R, Chandler
When it comes to advancing economic freedom in Indiana, Rep. Ron Bacon just isn’t on board. Rep. Bacon has consistently voted against school choice since 2011. By voting against Right to Work, Rep. Bacon believes that Hoosier workers should not have a choice in deciding whether or not to join a labor union. During the 2013 legislative session he voted to support a costly mass transit proposal that could potentially raise taxes in central Indiana counties. Send Rep. Bacon a message today to tell him that he can do better!

December 5, 2013
Rep. Tom Saunders-R, Lewisville

The last legislative session was full of legislation that advanced economic freedom and provided much needed relief to Hoosier taxpayers. Our state legislators were able to expand School Choice for Hoosier families, send a costly mass transit tax increase to Summer Study Committee, and most importantly, pass the largest tax cut in Indiana history.

Throughout each of these policy debates, there was one common opponent, Representative Tom Saunders. That’s right; Tom Saunders voted to limit a parent’s right to choose the school that best fits their individual child’s educational needs. He voted for a mass transit bill that would potentially raise taxes in central Indiana counties. Finally, in an interview with the New Castle Courier Times Rep. Saunders said, “I was not pro-tax cut at all.” Tom Saunders can do better. Help us send him this message today.

December 6, 2013
Senator John Waterman-R, Shelburn
Indiana has taken great strides in advancing workplace freedom since 2011. Hoosier workers now have the ability to choose whether or not to join a labor union, and we are taking a hard look at our burdensome occupational licensing laws which create unnecessary barriers to entry for many low risk professions. However, Senator John Waterman has remained a steadfast opponent to workplace freedom in Indiana. He has voted against giving Hoosiers the right to choose union membership, and he even voted against protecting secret ballot union elections in our state constitution. Sen. Waterman has voted for additional occupational licenses, which can be costly and overly burdensome to obtain. Let’s tell John Waterman to give Hoosier workers a break and get on board with workplace freedom!

December 9, 2013
Senator Vaneta Becker-R, Evansville
AFP-IN is committed to advancing educational freedom in Indiana, especially maintaining state and local control of education. On this front, Sen. Vaneta Becker voted against a pause and review of Common Core Standards. Common Core is a national education program that could threaten state and local control of our education standards and curriculum. Help us tell Sen. Becker that education decisions belong at the local and state level, not with Washington bureaucrats!

December 10,2013
Rep. Ed Clere-R, New Albany
You would think that with all the “glitches” and blunders concerning Obamacare that most Hoosier state policymakers would recognize how flawed this law is and why Indiana needs to stay clear of anything to do with Obamacare including expanding a broken Medicaid system.

State Representative Ed Clere, Chairman of the House Public Health Committee, continues to believe that Indiana should embrace Obamacare and expand Medicaid.

As reported by WHAS 11 in Louisville, Representative Clere recently stated that Kentuckians are at “an advantage” to us Hoosiers by embracing Obamacare. In his own words, Representative Clere stated, “It’s hard to justify passing on that money.”

That “money” (also known as our tax dollars) is being thrown at a broken system that has repeatedly failed patients. Rather than sentencing those Hoosiers without health insurance to a flawed system that has even worse results for their health care, why not focus on long-term solutions that actually may improve people’s lives?

We all want the best for those in need, but more spending and more Obamacare is not the answer.

Take Action for all hardworking Hoosier taxpayers and tell Representative Clere that expanding Medicaid is wrong for Indiana.

December 13, 2013
Rep. Randy Truitt and Senator Ron Alting-R, Lafayette
Since 2011 Indiana has been the nationwide leader in school choice and education reform. Right now in Indiana, close to 20,000 Hoosier families have the opportunity to choose an educational environment that best fits their individual needs. However, Rep. Randy Truitt and Senator Ron Alting continue to remain staunch opponents of school choice in Indiana. Tell Rep. Truitt and Senator Alting that Hoosier students deserve better than a one size fits all education system.

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