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AFP-IL to host Tax Townhall in DeKalb with Reps. Demmer & Pritchard

April 18, 2014

Were you aware that some politicians in Springfield are considering a number of income tax increases, including a graduated, or “progressive” tax that could affect all Illinois taxpayers who earn over $22,000? On Wednesday, Join state Representatives Tom Demmer & Bob Pritchard, along with AFP-IL, for a townhall meeting to learn about the various tax […]

“At Sea Without Rudder or Compass”

April 11, 2014

Nearly 170 years ago, Scottish economist John Ramsey McCulloch, who served as editor of the 1828 edition of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, said, “the moment you abandon…the cardinal principle of extracting from all individuals the same proportion of their income…you are at sea without rudder or compass, and there is no amount of injustice […]

“Millionaire Tax” Fails in Victory for Illinois Working Families and Businesses

April 09, 2014

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, April 9, 2014 “Millionaire Tax” Fails in Victory for Illinois Working Families and Businesses AFP Praises Reps. Franks & Drury for Courageous Stand for Taxpayers  Naperville, Ill. – In a victory for working families and businesses through the state, the so-called ‘millionaire tax’ has been declared dead by Speaker […]

A tough, disappointing week for Illinois taxpayers

March 28, 2014

Between the new progressive income tax rate schedule introduced by state Sen. Don Harmon (D-Oak Park), Governor Pat Quinn’s proposal to make the temporary 67% tax hike permanent and the new Madigan tax, this has been a tough, disappointing week for Illinois taxpayers. The Madigan tax seeks to implement a graduated income tax by placing […]


March 28, 2014

Naperville- AFP-Illinois is launching a new ad aimed at educating the public about the perils of Speaker Madigan’s so-called “millionaire tax”. Watch the ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zwo0ZMZi53A “This politically-motivated proposal seeks to cynically win votes rather than craft a serious fiscal policy that will help the Illinois economy recover from years of woeful mismanagement and cronyism,” said AFP-Illinois […]