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Arthur Brooks And The Moral Case For Freer Markets

August 06, 2011 J

By: R.J. Moeller

Dr. Arthur Brooks is a name and a man you ought to know. He is the president of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington D.C., and one of the most articulate defenders of free market economics on the planet. Dr. Brooks has written several important books in the past 5 years, and I simply could not recommend them more highly to you.


Appearing last night on John Stossel’s Fox Business Network show, Stossel, Dr. Brooks explained to the host why allowing the federal government to re-distribute more and more of the nation’s wealth is immoral and a recipe for disaster.

We’re lucky to have men like Dr. Brooks out there. But, we could use 100 more like him. This post over at The Washington Examiner asks the question: Who will groom the next Arthur Brooks?

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