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An Interview With Joe Calomino on The RJ Moeller Show

July 27, 2011 J

By: R.J. Moeller

On the latest episode of The R.J. Moeller Show, we chatted with the Illinois Director of Americans For Prosperity, Joe Calomino.


From AFP’s website:

Joe Calomino has worked in the field of government affairs and state politics for the last 17 years. During his career, Calomino has worked as a government liaison for various state constitutional officers, as a political strategist for state and local officials, and as a grassroots organizer and activist.

Currently, Calomino is the state director for the Illinois chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP-IL). Americans for Prosperity is one of the premier grassroots citizen lobbyist organizations in the country with over 900,000 members nationwide. Americans for Prosperity is a citizen watchdog organization focused on promoting the free-market and issues such as budget reform, lower taxes, government transparency and accountability.

I am a regular contributor here at the the AFP-IL blog and have enjoyed being a part of the tremendous work they’re doing here in Illinois and nationally as well.

After our interview with Joe, we spent some time chatting about everything from Man vs. Wild to my trip to Seattle for The Discovery Institute’s Summer conference to new laws in Philly that will ticket pedestrians for “texting while walking.”

You can listen by visiting my site (rjmoeller.com), or by downloading The R.J. Moeller Show on iTunes.

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