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Continuing Chaos of the Obamacare Law

January 05, 2011 J

By Guest Blogger Scherie Gaitor

Here’s food for thought.  The 2800 page Obamacare law signed in March includes the cancellation of a discount drug program for children’s hospitals.  This program allowed pharmaceutical companies to discount medications for rare conditions.  The new law blocks children’s hospitals from receiving the discounted drugs.  Instead, rural hospitals will be the new beneficiary of this program.

The FDA is now considering withdrawing Avastin because it deemed the drug to be too expensive and not really effective.

And across the globe in New Zealand, a country with national health care, individuals injured in accidents are routinely denied care, on the basis of their injuries being “degenerative”, thus never receiving needed treatment. 

All of these examples share a fundamental idea that is leading to the destruction of quality medical care.  A nationalized health care scheme always leads to rationing of care.  The whims of bureaucrats now have control over matters of life and death.  At root, this is statism which always leads to the abrogation of freedom.

The antidote to this is the return to America’s founding principle of individual rights.  This means that the individual is left to pursue his or her own ambition or as the Declaration of Independence says: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The best and only economic system that protects the individual is capitalism.  The medical profession would be left free from government encroachment to let its physicians practice and charge for care accordingly.  And it would let patients choose the physicians that best suit their own needs.  The good news is a federal judge in Virginia ruled that mandating that citizens purchase insurance is unconstitutional.  The fight over this bill will ultimately end up at the Supreme Court.  But unless the Obamacare bill is repealed in its entirety, we can look forward to same non-treatment that our Kiwi friends must endure.

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