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Tell Legislators to Keep Their Word: Don’t Make Income Tax Increase Permanent

Please take a few minutes to contact your state legislators and tell them to “keep their promise” to keep the 67% income tax increase temporary. Click here to take action now! On January 3, 2013, after ringing in the New Year, legislators will meet at the Statehouse in Springfield for their “lame duck” session before [...]

Taxes Issues

Obama’s New “Green” Tax

September 03, 2013 J

President Obama wants to levy a new tax on Americans. What’s a carbon tax? A carbon tax is basically, if you don’t conform to his way of thinking “green”, you will be punished and charged for it. This will not only lead to skyrocketing energy prices, but it also will force energy companies to consider [...]

It’s unfair! Progressive tax is a bailout for politicians over-spending

April 18, 2013 J

Politicians in Springfield passed the largest tax hike in the history of Illinois just over two years ago, promising to pay down unpaid state bills and get Illinois’ finances in order. Yet, despite record state tax revenue, there is still $10 billion in unpaid state bills and a $97 billion unfunded pension liability, earning Illinois the [...]

Demand Pension Reform in IL NOW

May 15, 2012 J

Illinois politicians raised taxes last year by 67%, yet we still have the worst-funded pension system in the nation, with over $85 billion in unfunded liabilities. This problem exists because politicians in Springfield skipped pension payments, while also granting to their government union allies overly generous and unsustainable pension benefits that we cannot afford.

Tell your legislators to stand up for taxpayers by supporting pension reform!

Now, the payments for these pension benefits are crowding out funding for all other worthwhile state priorities. Whether you are a small business owner, a social service provider, a parent of school kids, a Medicaid beneficiary, or just a hard-working, taxpaying family, Illinois' pension crisis is costing you big time.

Join Us in Fighting for Freedom in Wisconsin

May 10, 2012 J

The courageous, common-sense budget and labor reforms passed by the Wisconsin legislature and signed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker have put their state on solid fiscal footing, earning high praise from the business community, residents and even some government employees, while actually fostering a decrease in property taxes. AFP-Illinois is joining patriots throughout the nation in supporting the Wisconsin reforms and we need your help with two important activities:

1. Sign up for our Freedom Phones program to make phone calls into Wisconsin from your own home or cell phone. You do not even need a computer, only a phone, to help out at this important time.

Kane County Property Tax Forum

June 24, 2011 J

[img_assist|nid=24093|title=Kane County Property Tax Forum|desc=A recent property tax forum in Kane County|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=293]

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