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Obama’s New “Green” Tax

September 03, 2013 J

President Obama wants to levy a new tax on Americans. What’s a carbon tax? A carbon tax is basically, if you don’t conform to his way of thinking “green”, you will be punished and charged for it. This will not only lead to skyrocketing energy prices, but it also will force energy companies to consider [...]

Tell your legislator to oppose the Progressive Tax; Sponsor HR 241

April 30, 2013

Some politicians want us to bail out their overspending by changing the Illinois Constitution to impose a “progressive income tax” despite raking in a historic amount of tax revenue this year. Proponents claim the progressive tax will only hike taxes for the rich, but in reality the progressive tax will: Raise taxes on 85% of [...]

It’s unfair! Progressive tax is a bailout for politicians over-spending

April 18, 2013 J

Politicians in Springfield passed the largest tax hike in the history of Illinois just over two years ago, promising to pay down unpaid state bills and get Illinois’ finances in order. Yet, despite record state tax revenue, there is still $10 billion in unpaid state bills and a $97 billion unfunded pension liability, earning Illinois the [...]

Support Illinois Jobs!

March 15, 2013

We need your help to convince Illinois legislators to pass legislation that will lead to thousands of new jobs, greater energy independence, and millions in additional revenue for Illinois by regulating hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”. Click here to contact your legislators today. Recent negotiations between the state, environmental groups and representatives of the oil and gas [...]

Keep Income Tax Hike Temporary & Fight Medicaid Expansion

January 04, 2013

Happy New Year! Now we must really get to work holding our state legislators accountable. As you may know, the Illinois General Assembly will hold a “lame duck” session over the next few days and the newly-elected General Assembly will be sworn in on Wednesday. Legislation dramatically affecting you and your family may be taken up in the [...]