Press Release: AFP to Track Votes of IL Freshmen Congressmen

March 14, 2013

Website tracks votes of new members of Illinois congressional delegation

NAPERVILLE- Americans for Prosperity Illinois has launched a website to assist Illinoisans in tracking whether or not their newly elected Members of Congress is voting in support of greater economic freedom. The Freshman Accountability Initiative site allows taxpayers to hold their new federal representatives accountable by showing how they have voted on key issues such as taxation, spending and government regulation, while assigning a running score based on those votes.

“Candidates for Congress make many promises during a campaign, but their true commitment to economic freedom is measured by their voting record in Washington,” said AFP Illinois State Director David From. “We’re committed to ensuring taxpayers have the facts they need to evaluate their representative and take action to make their voice heard.”

In the 113th Congress, Illinois has six newly elected Members of Congress. While these representatives have made campaign promises and staked out their positions on issues, they do not have much of a voting record by which to be evaluated. AFP-Illinois has established this page to track how these new representatives in Congress are voting and to assist Illinoisans in contacting them to make their voice heard in support of economic freedom.  The Freshman Accountability Initiative is part of the larger AFP Congressional Scorecard which highlights the economic freedom voting record of all members of Congress.  A link to the site can be found here:

“Monitoring representatives’ votes is the first step in ensuring we have responsive legislators who are living up to their promises,” continued From.  “This initiative will provide taxpayers additional tools to go past the candidate rhetoric and take informed action to ensure their Member of Congress is working for greater economic freedom.”

For further information or an interview, contact David From at (312) 465-0407 or

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