AFP-IL to Belleville City Council: “Temporary” means Temporary!

August 02, 2013

In Belleville, Mayor Mark Eckert is supporting extending a temporary sales tax increase. He told the Belleville News-Democrat on Sunday that “he doesn’t believe many residents are against the tax extension.” Then, after ten citizens spoke against it, and only two in favor, at a public hearing Monday night, he told the paper those folks were “a small sample size.”  It should come as no surprise that politicians and bureaucrats are in favor of extending this $1.2 million tax grab!

In 2011, the Belleville City Council passed a temporary, two-year increase in their sales tax. It’s due to expire on December 31, 2013.  Rather than see this $1.2 million go back into the private economy, though, city leaders are plotting to extend it.

The Belleville City Council promised residents the tax hike would sunset after two years, but now they’re set to approve a two-year extension of the temporary two-year tax hike.  Sounds eerily similar to the “TEMPORARY” 67% increase in our income taxes that Springfield passed that same year, which some politicians want to make permanent!

Government needs to start living up to its promises.

Please take a moment to contact Mayor Eckert at (618) 233-6518 ext. 1239 and let him know that there ARE many residents against the tax extension!

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