Americans for Prosperity – Illinois Applauds DuPage County for Putting Taxpayers First in New Budget

December 17, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, November 28, 2012  

Americans for Prosperity- Illinois Applauds DuPage County
for Putting Taxpayers First in New Budget

County government does not raise tax levy, while maintaining services  

Naperville- Americans for Prosperity- Illinois applauded the DuPage County Board Chairman, Dan Cronin, and DuPage County Board members for passing a budget that maintains the current tax levy, while cutting spending and maintaining strong county government services.

“Chairman Cronin and the County Board members should be recognized for yet again practicing fiscal responsibility by not raising the tax levy, while trimming county government spending,” said AFP- Illinois State Director David From.  “Too often, the kneejerk reaction of government is to raise taxes, as the IL legislature did, rather than examine the budget for waste or inefficiencies.  Other units of government, including the state leadership, would do well to have more respect for the taxpayer and look to DuPage County as an example of responsible budgeting.”

DuPage County passed a budget on Tuesday reducing their annual budget by $7.3 million for the upcoming year, while not raising their portion of the tax levy for a fifth straight year.  With a recent Daily Herald investigation highlighting the fact that Cook & collar county property taxes have increased by nearly $3.5 billion since 2005, this comes as welcome news.  Earlier this year, Americans for Prosperity- Illinois launched the Local Anti-Tax Initiative to assist taxpayers in defeating attempts to increase taxes or debt through referenda.  Nine of the twelve referenda questions AFP-IL opposed were defeated in the November election.

“At a time when median household incomes have dropped and unemployment has remained at or near 8% for years, government needs to allow people to keep more of what they earn,” said From.  “DuPage County has shown governments can make the tough decisions to spend responsibly just as tax-paying families have been doing for years.”

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