June 27, 2013

Americans for Prosperity – Illinois State Director David W. From congratulated both Republican caucuses of the General Assembly for their united efforts to maintain a flat income tax, and preserve one of Illinois’ few pro-growth policies.

“This display of unity by Republican state legislators to maintain our current flat tax demonstrates their commitment to putting Illinoisans back to work and fostering an improved economic climate,” said From. “Illinois’s flat tax is one of the few remaining policies in this state that is attractive to job-creators.  Kudos to Leader Radogno and Leader Cross for unifying their caucuses in opposition to another attempt to hike taxes on Illinois families and businesses.  Also, deserving of recognition are Sens. Matt Murphy and Mike Connelly and Rep. David McSweeney who have sponsored resolutions opposing the progressive income tax and led the effort in their caucuses.”

Currently tied for the second-worst unemployment rate in the country at 9.1%, Illinois can ill-afford this sort of harmful proposal that will inevitably lead to fewer jobs, discourage entrepreneurship and leave Illinois families with less money.  Under the progressive income tax proposal from the left-leaning Center for Tax and Budget Accountability marginal income tax rates would be higher for everyone earning over $5,000 annually.  Families earning $100,000- 150,000 would see their marginal rates increase to 7.5%, a 150% increase since 2010, while top earners and corporations would pay an 11% rate.

“In order for Illinoisans to prosper, we need to create more jobs, not funnel even more money to Springfield.  The State of Illinois has record tax revenues, yet some Democrat leaders in Springfield want even more,” continued From. “I trust the middle-class families and entrepreneurs of this state to spend their money more wisely than the politicians running this state and it is incredible they would demand taxpayers forfeit more of their hard-earned money again.”


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