March 27, 2013
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 

Americans for Prosperity: CTU IS PART OF THE PROBLEM

Union Resists Accountability & Cost Savings, but Deny Parents’ Choice

Chicago, IL – This afternoon, the Chicago Teachers Union plans to bus in thousands of CPS employees to disrupt the commute of Chicago taxpayers – who fund the CPS system – by staging a demonstration against the proposed school closures. American’s for Prosperity – Illinois State Director David From condemned the CTU for ignoring the plight of students and taxpayers while adding to the headaches of Chicago commuters. He is available for interview.

“CTU President Karen Lewis makes allegations that conjure up apartheid, racism and murder,” said Americans for Prosperity Illinois State Director David. “In reality, CTU is big part of the broken education system that is failing Chicago children and endangering the city’s future.”

“This past summer, CTU went on strike to secure a contract the Chicago Public Schools cannot afford,” continued From. “Meanwhile, the union vigorously opposed merit-based pay, the use of teacher evaluations, and efforts to remove poorly-performing teachers.   After demanding more money and resisting accountability, they now are fighting CPS’ efforts to close under-utilized schools.  By ignoring efforts to insure the financial viability of CPS, while at the same time resisting common-sense accountability measures to ensure that good teachers are in the classrooms, CTU is part of the problem and bears some responsibility for a school system that is failing our students.”

Unfortunately, the students and families of some of Chicago’s poorest communities are caught in the middle of CTU’s power struggle with CPS.   Many parents feel powerless when their neighborhood school is closed and their child is presented with one option- go to another failing CPS school, and understandably so.  The real solution is to give parents, and students, options by expanding access to school choice and opportunity scholarships.  CTU’s current approach keeps students who either cannot afford private schools or are among the 19,000 who were on a charter school wait list this year trapped in a failing system, endangering their chance for a quality education and greatly diminishing their prospects to break the bonds of poverty.  The union must certainly secretly acknowledge that their power would be diminished if families had a say in where their children go to school, so they resist it at any cost.

“It’s no wonder that the system’s failing!  That is the result when competition and innovation are not only stifled but met with hostile resistance,” continued From. “If only CTU would re-focus its attention to actually increasing the quality of education rather than preserving its own clout, the children of Chicago would be much better off.”


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