AFP-IL Field Rep: Update from the road

August 05, 2013

“WE HATE TAXES! THEY ARE THE WORST!” shouted two children at the DuPage County Fair.  And, let me tell you, it was like music to my ears. As Americans for Prosperity continues to travel around the northern portion of the state, going from festival to festival, there has been a strong outcry from people to make sure we do not move to a progressive income tax in Illinois. Hundreds of people have turned out to fill out petitions to make sure their voices are heard by Springfield politicians like House Speaker Michael J. Madigan. Citizens are determined to make sure that we don’t raise taxes on 85% of Illinois taxpayers and corporations, a move which would further cripple Illinois’ economy.

As Americans for Prosperity’s festival circuit carries on, we are very excited for the opportunity to meet new activists and supporters as well as seeing familiar faces from previous events. We were also at at the Kankakee County Fair this past weekend, and will be at Gurnee Days (Aug  15-Aug  18), and the Will County Fair (Aug 21-25). Please do not hesitate to come and say “Hi” while signing a petitions and getting some swag.

– Joe Hahn, AFP-IL Field Representative

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