AFP-IL Director: Shame on Blue Cross, Blue Shield

August 10, 2013


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, August 7, 2013  

AFP-IL Director: Shame on Blue Cross, Blue Shield 
Protested Blue Cross Blue Shield Corporate Offices for Benefiting from Enroll America

Chicago – Americans for Prosperity’s Illinois State Director David From protested the Chicago headquarters Friday morning.  Americans for Prosperity opposes BCBS’s key roll in directing the efforts of Enroll America, a non-profit campaign designed to sign up citizens in insurance policies through the federally created health care exchanges.

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s relationship with Enroll America is a gross example of crony capitalism and politicized profits. BCBS executives sit on the board of Enroll America and stands to receive direct financial gain from Enroll America’s campaign,” explained David From. “While Americans face higher premiums and less choices in medical care thanks to the new health care law, politically-connected insurance providers are getting ready to rake it in. Americans are rightly outraged and we will give voice to their concerns.”

Blue Cross and Blue Shield executives met with President Obama and Secretary Sebelius as recently as April to discuss how they can work together to enroll as many people as possible in insurance policies through the exchange. Enroll America has a board of directors consisting of healthcare entities that stand to benefit from the insurance exchanges, including BCBS.

“It is not right, and not fair for big insurance, big pharma, big hospitals to push people into an Obamacare exchange under the guise of helping them, when in reality  they stand to make significant profit from new sign-ups. Not only that, but the law itself is deeply flawed. Union members, doctors, small businesses, and now even capitol hill are rushing to escape the negative impact of Obamacare, all while the corporate cronies at Enroll America act like nothing is wrong,” From continued, “Blue Cross and Blue Shield will pad their bottom line with new taxpayer-subsidized insurance policies, while citizens lose jobs and businesses are unable to hire and expand. This is just one more example of the disastrous affects of the President’s signature healthcare law on Illinois’ families.”

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