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Support For School Choice On The Rise In GA - By Joel Aaron

November 06, 2012 J

New study data released by AFP Foundation Georgia finds that Georgians have grown in their knowledge of and favoritism toward school choice over the course of a year filled with charter school news and an amendment set for a vote on Tuesday. The same study finds parental confidence in the ability of Georgia public schools to prepare students to compete for jobs in a global economy has fallen over the course of the year. A majority of parents (69.9%) agree that they should have options for educating their child and money should be directed to the school they choose for their child.

The study found that 61.5% rated themselves as Somewhat or Very Aware of the school choice issue compared to 55.6% in January. 29.3% of respondents with charter schools located in their area rated charter schools as Excellent or Good at preparing students to compete for jobs in a global economy, compared to 28.3% in January. Respondents suggest confidence in the public school system’s ability to prepare students to compete has fallen from 55.9% in January, with 57.4% of respondents now regarding their preparatory performance as Fair to Poor.

The non-partisan, statewide study surveyed likely voters across all socio-economoic and ethnic backgrounds and was conducted by an independent research firm on behalf of Americans for Prosperity Foundation Georgia. It includes a margin of error +/-4.08%.

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