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February 01, 2012 J

As it stands now, the plan is to vote on HR 1162 in tomorrow’s House Education Committee meeting (that may change, but that is the intent for now). In light of that, now would be the time to email House Education Committee members regarding HR 1162. Please call and/or email Education Committee members tonight and tomorrow (Feb 1-2).

Committee members:
Committee Chair Brooks Coleman may be contacted by phone (404) 656-9210.
Rep. David Casas: david.casas@house.ga.gov
Rep. Tommy Benton tommy.benton@house.ga.gov
Rep. Kathy Ashe – kathyashe56@mindspring.com
Rep. Paul Battles – paul.battles@house.ga.gov
Rep. Amy Carter – amy.carter@house.ga.gov
Rep. Valerie Clark – vclark123@charter.net
Rep. Tom Dickson – tom.dickson@house.ga.gov
Rep. Mike Dudgeon – mike.dudgeon@house.ga.gov
Rep. Terry England – englandhomeport2@windstream.net
Rep. Hugh Floyd – hughfloyd@mindspring.com
Rep: Wayne Howard – wayne.howard@house.ga.gov
Rep. Jan Jones – jan.jones@house.ga.gov
Rep. Margaret Kaiser – margaret.kaiser@house.ga.gov
Rep. Ed Lindsey – edward.lindsey@house.ga.gov
Rep. Howard Maxwell – howard.maxwell@house.ga.gov
Rep. Rahn Mayo – rahnmayo@gmail.com
Rep. Alisha Morgan – alisha@alishamorgan.com
Rep. Randy Nix – randy.nix@house.ga.gov
Rep. Ann Purcell – ann.purcell@house.ga.gov
Rep. Barbara Reece – barbara.reece@house.ga.gov
Rep. Ed Setzler – ed.setzler@house.ga.gov
Rep. Willie Talton – willie.talton@house.ga.gov
Rep. Rashad Taylor – rashadtaylor@gmail.com
Rep. Sam Teasley – sam.teasley@house.ga.gov
Rep. Brian Thomas – bwthomas@bellsouth.net
Rep. Andrew Welch – awelch@swblawfirm.com

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