Atlanta Vendors Fight To Protect Economic Freedom – By Bob Ewing, Nick Sibilla

November 01, 2013J

Reprinted in part from Foundation for Economic Education. Larry Miller and Stanley Hambrick are proof positive of what entrepreneurship can achieve. For over 20 years, they’ve sold jerseys, shirts, hats, and snacks to excited Atlanta Braves fans. With very little start-up capital, these two men have built successful businesses from scratch. Hambrick put his kids […]

Georgia Forfeiture Laws Need To Change – By Virginia Galloway

June 19, 2013J

Imagine you are going to buy a used car. You take several thousand dollars in cash, because you haven’t inspected the car yet, and you want some flexibility to bargain on the price. Under current Georgia law and practice, a law officer could confiscate your cash and you’d need to hire an attorney to get […]

Regionalism In Georgia – By Matt Roy (AFP Policy)

May 22, 2013J

What is “Regionalism”? – Regionalism is a state imposed layer of regional government over several local/city governments. States promote this idea as a way for neighboring counties and cities to work together to solve problems and implement larger cross-county initiatives. Regionalism in Georgia – House Bill 1216 of 2008 reorganized the Department of Community Affairs […]