AFP GA Weekly Newsletter – March 23rd-March 31st 2014

March 25, 2014J

Read newsletter online HERE Hitting the 10 million (scratch that), 6 million mark for ObamaCare enrollments by March 31st was already a difficult task. Thanks to AFP Georgia activists, our allies in grassroots Georgia, and the Georgia General Assembly, it just became a infinitely more difficult task. Before the clock struck midnight on the final […]

AFP Georgia 2014 Legislative Recap

March 25, 2014J

The 2014 legislative session has come to a close and after hard fights throughout the session, AFP activists find a good deal to cheer about and some renewed fights moving forward. Here’s how it went down on our priority legislation. Our 2014 Legislative Score Card is currently in the works and is due out soon […]

AFP GA Priority Legislation For Final 2 Days of 2014 Session

March 18, 2014J

We’re headed into the final 2 days of the session Below are AFP Georgia’s priorities including a summary of where the bills are in the process Fractional SPLOST (HB 153) – AFP Georgia supports HB 153. Fractional percentage SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) is common-sense policy that will allow counties to lower tax […]

AFP GA Testimony Supporting HB 900 – Tax Cut on Business Inputs

March 13, 2014J,

On behalf of more 55,000 Americans for Prosperity activists in Georgia, I appreciate the opportunity to testify on HB 900, legislation designed to provide sales tax relief by broadening the existing manufacturing sales tax exemption to include consumable supplies. At a time when the national labor participation rate has hit a 35 year low, and […]

AFP Letter Opposing HB 907 – (Uber Bill)

March 05, 2014J,

Dear Georgia State representative: Please stand with consumers and business group leaders against HB 907 `UBER’ Bill”. Americans for Prosperity Georgia, the state’s premiere grassroots organization supporting economic freedom, is in opposition to House Bill 907. We will key vote this bill and ask that you vote against this protectionist legislation. The legislation seeks to […]