ObamaCare Update: Mission Not So Accomplished

A little more than one month ago, President Obama celebrated the end of open enrollment for Obamacare by saying the debate “should be over” and “this thing is working.” Today, Americans are learning that at least 2.1 million people have discrepancies in their applications that could impact what they pay for coverage, the Congressional Budget […]

Arizona Medicaid Expansion Is A Warning Signal For Georgia

Georgia is coming off legislative efforts that have made it more difficult to expand Medicaid in 2014. This, however, is no reason to assume Medicaid expansion will not continue as a familiar refrain from big government advocates on the Left. And Arizona has some words of warning for states like Georgia. Numerous studies, including a […]

Checking Up On ObamaCare – Benita Dodd (GPPF.org)

It’s Tax Day; your ObamaCare grace period is “over:” Today is the “final” day to sign up for health insurance in the federal exchange. It’s the end of the beyond-the-deadline 15-day grace period for those who “experienced delays,” AKA the extension to allow more people to sign up. According to the White House, more than […]

Kill The Pill Tax in Georgia – By Joel Aaron Foster

There’s a sneak-a-tax still lurking beneath the waters in this late hour before the close of the 2014 Georgia General Assembly and it could cause the costs of your medicines to go up while discouraging jobs and business expansion in Georgia’s pharmaceuticals industry. This tax, called a “supplemental rebate” fee on pharmaceutical manufacturers, is something […]