Georgia: A Sinkhole State? – By Joel Aaron Foster

August 26, 2014J

The non partisan Truth In Accounting group is out with their fifth report calling out Georgia as a sinkhole State when it comes to its overall financial conditions and taxpayer burdens. The taxpayer burden represents the amount each taxpayer would have to send to their state’s treasury to fill its current financial hole. The report […]

Terminate The Export-Import Bank

The Export-Import bank is the official credit agency of the United States and is up for reauthorization in September 2014. It subsidizes loans and guarantees to foreign companies to encourage them to buy American exports, which is exactly the kind of government meddling in the economy that free-market advocates should forcefully reject.   The Export-Import […]

AFP GA Day of Action Letter – ATL & Savannah

April 08, 2014J,

Read the entire letter online HERE. Dear Activist, Are you an idiot? I know you’re not an idiot but, sometimes, if you’re like me, you probably feel like one when it comes to tax season. It’s tough to know just how hard you work to pay for the government’s reckless spending habits at your expense. […]

Defense Department Can Afford Sequestration Cuts – By Army Ranger Mark Lucas

December 11, 2013J

The sequester scare tactics displayed in Washington is the reason why people have lost faith in our government. Our elected officials will say or do anything in hopes of avoiding making cuts and becoming buddies with lobbyists. Unfortunately, even some conservatives are falling for the absurd claim that the defense department cannot afford the sequester […]