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Read This Before You Go To Polls: VOTE YES on Georgia’s Income Tax Cap

On November 4th Georgians will have a unique opportunity to decide the economic future of the Peach State. A constitutional amendment is on the ballot preventing the Georgia Legislature from raising the maximum state income tax rate. Georgia’s state legislature gave voters a gift by offering them the opportunity to impose self restraint on our […]


Minimum Wage: No Such Thing As A Free Lunch – By Jeffrey Dorfman

June 03, 2014

Last week, voters in Switzerland voted by an overwhelming 76 percent to 24 percent to reject the establishment of Switzerland’s first minimum wage. The proposed wage floor was about $24 per hour and would have been the highest minimum wage in the world if the referendum had passed. A large part of its rejection at […]

Resist The Green House Gas Ruse – By Jim Jess

June 02, 2014 J

On June 2nd, the Obama Administration announced new EPA regulations on existing coal-fired power plants. Earlier this year, the rule for new power plants was rolled out, and it attempts to force use of carbon capture and storage (CCS), a new technology that is not yet ready for industrial use. It is only in the […]

Obama’s Lunacy on Green House Gas Emissions Will Cost YOU

June 02, 2014 J

On Monday, June 2, the Obama administration announced the latest in its ideology-driven attack on traditional energy production — a new rule to cut carbon-dioxide emissions from coal- and gas-fired power plants across the United States. This proposed rule would cut as much as 30 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s power […]

AFP GA Weekly Newsletter – May 23rd-May 31st, 2014

May 23, 2014

Read full newsletter online HERE. The Export-Import Bank is corporate welfare – just another way for the government to pick winners and losers in the economy. It puts taxpayers on the hook for risky corporate loans to foreign borrowers. And this year, we have a chance to shut it down! Take Action (click button below) […]

An Event Without A Stage – By Joel Aaron Foster

May 22, 2014 J

Imagine an event without a stage, a broadcast without a broadcaster, an audience without observers. Impossible? Not only is it possible, it’s probable and AFP Georgia is doing exactly this with the launch of the AFP Georgia Issues Hub. It’s an event to re-define the very nature of communication in an event setting – an […]