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Read This Before You Go To Polls: VOTE YES on Georgia’s Income Tax Cap

On November 4th Georgians will have a unique opportunity to decide the economic future of the Peach State. A constitutional amendment is on the ballot preventing the Georgia Legislature from raising the maximum state income tax rate. Georgia’s state legislature gave voters a gift by offering them the opportunity to impose self restraint on our […]



August 27, 2014

Click HERE for full interactive email online AFP activists gear up to launch a ground assault against the Left’s agenda in Georgia with Regional Action Hubs. New GA State Director Michael Harden encourages Attorney General Sam Olens to join other states in a lawsuit against the EPA. And there’s still time to make a flight […]

Georgia: A Sinkhole State? – By Joel Aaron Foster

August 26, 2014 J

The non partisan Truth In Accounting group is out with their fifth report calling out Georgia as a sinkhole State when it comes to its overall financial conditions and taxpayer burdens. The taxpayer burden represents the amount each taxpayer would have to send to their state’s treasury to fill its current financial hole. The report […]

The Fight Is On U.S. Soil – By Joel Aaron Foster

August 26, 2014

The sound was deafening as I was blown back in my seat against an atomic blast that detonated a mere 50 feet in front of my face. My entire periphery was filled with blinding white light, moments before…total darkness. This was one scene captured in a jaw dropping theatrical presentation, a part of the “Beyond […]


August 21, 2014 J

Click HERE to read full interactive newsletter Two of the five components of economic freedom are the Size of Government and the Rule of Law and they are being attacked! Whether through runaway government like the Federal Reserve or the Environmental Protection Agency or a county circumventing our own Georgia Legislature through tax hikes or […]

AFP Letter Urging Attorney General Olens To Join Lawsuit Against EPA

August 20, 2014 J

[Read full letter here] Dear Attorney General Sam Olens: On behalf of more than 63,000 Americans for Prosperity activists living in Georgia, I write to inquire about your position on the proposed EPA power plant regulations. Recently 12 attorneys general from other states filed suit against the President’s controversial proposed EPA rules, contending that federal […]