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Cut GA Taxes, Have Government Pay You! – By Joel Aaron Foster

What if I could show you that Georgia taxpayers could cut our income tax rate, cut our cost of living overall, raise our quality of life and bring more jobs and prosperity to Georgia simply by making a few bold moves to simplify our taxes? On Tax Day, individuals and families are familiar with the [...]


AFP GA Weekly Newsletter – March 16th-March 22nd

March 14, 2014

Read Newsletter Online HERE ObamaCare is being repudiated around the Country. And thanks in large part to AFP grassroots activists, nowhere more forcefully than in Georgia. Some good tax measures are making their way through the Legislature to help Georgia taxpayers and businesses. And at least one bad sneak-a-tax efforts is flying under the radar. [...]

Kill The Pill Tax in Georgia – By Joel Aaron Foster

March 14, 2014 J,

There’s a sneak-a-tax still lurking beneath the waters in this late hour before the close of the 2014 Georgia General Assembly and it could cause the costs of your medicines to go up while discouraging jobs and business expansion in Georgia’s pharmaceuticals industry. This tax, called a “supplemental rebate” fee on pharmaceutical manufacturers, is something [...]

AFP GA Testimony Supporting HB 900 – Tax Cut on Business Inputs

March 13, 2014 J,

On behalf of more 55,000 Americans for Prosperity activists in Georgia, I appreciate the opportunity to testify on HB 900, legislation designed to provide sales tax relief by broadening the existing manufacturing sales tax exemption to include consumable supplies. At a time when the national labor participation rate has hit a 35 year low, and [...]

Economic Freedom To Solve Ukraine Crisis? – By Dr James Rust

March 06, 2014 J

The most recent Global Warming Policy Foundation newsletter summarizes the situation in the Ukraine as a product of energy policies. The United States is playing a role in international politics as a chess player missing its pawns. Years of neglect in pushing expansion of production of fossil fuels in the United States, that stretches back [...]

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