When Common Core & Climate Change Collide – Ret. Prof. Dr. James Rust

June 28, 2013

The link to the Common Core science standards is founder here. Going to the link, my interpretation of the Common Core science standards is that they are based on three publications from the National Academy of Sciences.

The report dealing with course material is called “A Framework for K-12 Education”, published in 2012. This report is a revision of a previous report by the National Academy of Sciences published in 2011. The report is 400 pages long and available on the Internet. I examined parts of the 2011 report in 2011 and thought it was a propaganda report supporting the hypothesis that carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is causing catastrophic global warming. The National Academy of Sciences has taken this position for many years.

The chapter dealing with Earth and Space Sciences is pages 169 to 201. The coverage is cursory due to the shortness of the material. “Part ESS3.D: Global Climate Change” covers global warming from pages 196-199. The coverage mentions computer models which are used for predicting future climate and weather conditions for the planet. There is insufficient attention paid to the reality that all computer models fail to replicate what happens in the future when data for comparison is unavailable. In my opinion, the models should not be used for policy purposes and should not be included in K-12 education materials because our understanding of forces influencing climate is incomplete and many of the models have failed to be validated. Material in the book does not make this clear.

The material states that carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is causing global warming, which is a highly controversial topic. Three references are cited at the end of the discussion. One is the 2009 Report by the United States Global Change Research Project which contains frightening predictions for the future of the world due to global warming caused by burning fossil fuels. A revision of this report is scheduled for publication later this year that portrays an even grimmer future. No doubt numerous copies of the 2013 Report will be sent to all schools to provide reference material illustrating how fossil fuel use should be abandoned in order to save the planet. This report, and other U. S. government printed reports, will provide numerous reference materials to indoctrinate students to accept the premise that catastrophic climate change is occurring unless fossil fuel use is abandoned.

I only read 32 pages of a 400-page report and found material about global warming that should not be used in education of students at the K-12 level. More material of this nature could be in the National Academy Report. This is sufficient reason to abandon the science education portion of Common Core.

The entire program provides opportunity to instill propaganda in our young people ages 5 to 18. Common Core should be discarded from an intellectual point of view. The program also provides opportunity for promoting unbelievable amounts of so-called, “crony capitalism”, wherein favored industries and technologies are subsidized by government at the expense of taxpayers and industry competitors who refuse to play by government rules. States most likely will have increased financial burdens from the program, another strong reason for rejection of the Common Core science education portion.

Dr. James Rust is a retired Professor of Nuclear Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a currently a policy advisor at The Heartland Institute.

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