What’s Wrong With SPLOST Taxes? – By Reclaim Savannah Team

November 05, 2013

Reprinted from fb.com/reclaimsavannah

Polls open @7 AM this morning…I want to share with you just SOME of the Common Fallacies in Reasoning that have been tossed out by those in power who are seeking to keep stealing our money.

1) Faulty Cause. – If we don’t pass SPLOST then your property taxes will go up. Oh really? So in the past 28 year our property taxes have NOT gone up? because that is how long SPLOST has been running.

2) Appeal to Ignorance- We say that 40% of taxes come from “tourist” then we do not provide the documentation to back that up so we MUST be right because we said it. This and about 10 other false arguments using the same fallacy.

3) Bifurcation (either-or, all or nothing)- Bret Bell stated they do not “have a plan B” the ceaseless appeals that if we do not vote the way THEY tell us to BAAAAAD things will happen. How about we don’t pass SPLOST now…you go back to the drawing board and in July you give us a REAL list of projects that we need or better yet we vote it down in July as well and we AUDIT the books and then when the people stop going to jail for theft we revisit the topic.

4) False Dilemma- Either vote to continue this unneeded or we will HAVE to raise your taxes. Two bad choices is not choice at all especially when there are other options.

5) Faulty Sign- Falsely assuming that this “magical” 40% number that they throw out will always be. What happens if tourism dips? What if the economy takes another down turn. You can not simply assume that your already suspect numbers will continue in the future.

6) Damming the Source- Bret Bell has called us every thing but liars and obstructionists as well as a creepy thrown in as way to attempt to discredit the facts.

7) Tu Quoque- This can be called “Look who’s talking” or two wrongs make a right. It is when you use a straw man like…”well look at all the other counties that are passing SPLOST…we should to” as a reason to keep this regressive Tax.

Equivocation – Double meaning for the same term…like 40% in the case of SPLOST.

9) Begging the question- Asking well how would you pay for all these projects without SPLOST. Answer We would not do most of them so your faulty question is the real problem.

10) Tautology – Restating the conclusion in a different way without validating it. Example Question “How did you arrive at the 40% number”? Answer: well ok the 40% is not really tourist but the 40% are people from outside of the county. Conclusion truth but does not answer the question asked.

11) Appeal to Authority- If you have listened to the radio or watched TV you have been told by our so called leaders that SPLOST is good for us so it must be good for us over and over.

12) Appeal to Tradition- Oh my look how much we have done in the past…SPLOST must be continued….or else…

13) Appeal to the Crowd- Bread and circuses anyone? Look at that shiny new arena…or these wonderful water colors we just happened to have around!

14) Straw Man- If you don’t want SPLOST you must be a racist! Yeah…they actually said that one.

15) Slippery Slope- If we don’t pass SPLOST…well we do not know what will happen next…I mean you may not even get a cop showing up if we don’t pass SPLOST!

16) Appealing to Extremes- If we don’t pass SPLOST the growth in the city will grind to a complete halt!

17) Hypothesis Contrary to Fact- If we did not have SPLOST we would never have drainage done, or roads paved, or bridges built. Two questions then…so in counties with no SPLOST they have none of those things? secondly…how can you KNOW what would have happened without SPLOST? Are you clairvoyant? If so play the Lottery and donate your winnings to fund these projects. If not come at me with FACTS.

18) Non Sequitar- Giving a long list of FALSE reasons as the reason why you should do something.

19) Red Herring- Trying to hide the weakness of your position by pointing to something else. Kind of like trying to hide how horrible the project list is for SPLOST VI by pointing to things that were done in previous SPLOSTs. We are not voting on SPLOST I-V we are voting on SPLOST VI and your project list STINKS.

20) Inconsistency- The only thing consistent in the argument to vote Yes to SPLOST is the inconsistency of those who are pushing for a yes vote.

A note to those who have taken the time to read this post…a well earned THANK YOU. We want you to realize in critical thinking there are only 23 recognized Major Fallacies and while we listed 20 of them it just felt like piling on to have pointed out that the other 3 could have been cited as well. The point of this article is to, hopefully, spark the desire in anyone who reads it to ask a simple question when someone tells you to vote yes for SPLOST….Why?

Thank you all for your support. This is only the start of something amazing….go and VOTE today and when you vote we hope that you will use reason and VOTE NO on SPLOST!

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