The Debate on “Climate Change” Just Changed While Obama Wages War Against Energy Freedom

October 17, 2013

The letter below is from Jim Lakely, Communications Director for our friends at The Heartland Institute, on the recent new developments that are turning the tables on the climate change debate. Join AFP Georgia and conservatives at The Heartland Institute to turn the tables on the global warming alarmism that the Left and President Obama continue to promulgate.

Fellow lovers of liberty,

The debate over global warming (alias “climate change”) just changed! We need your help to spread the word to Tea Party leaders and activists across the country.

Two weeks ago, I sent you a message about the release of a new report by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) titled Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science. Unlike the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the NIPCC report finds the human impact on climate is very small and any change in temperatures that might occur in the future is so small that it will not be noticed against the climate’s natural variability.

Barack Obama and his supporters are attacking members of Congress who dare to question the left’s talking points on global warming: that it’s man-made and will cause (or is already causing) floods, droughts, storms, crime, divorce … you name it. Obama’s EPA is waging war on affordable energy, even though the “fracking” revolution is the one positive economic development that has happened to the country since Obama was elected!

Climate Change Reconsidered directly contradicts the scientific claims being made by Obama and his allies. Our team of nearly 50 scientists from 15 countries have produced a report that is more than 1,000 pages long, cites nearly 4,000 peer-reviewed reports, and finds no evidence that global warming is either man made or likely to be harmful.
The Heartland Institute published the new NIPCC report on September 17, and for the last three weeks we’ve been promoting it like crazy. We’ve held events with the authors in Chicago, Washington, DC (hosted by our friends at the Heritage Foundation), New York, Florida, St. Louis, California, and even London, Berlin, and The Hague.
The book has received positive coverage from Rush Limbaugh, Fox News,, PJ Media, The Daily Caller, and dozens of Web sites and blogs. The book’s release was even reported as news by the liberals at The New York Times, Washington Post, and Bloomberg!

Help us get the word out that global warming is not a crisis.

Visit to get free access to the entire 1,000-page report, a 20-page Summary for Policymakers, and a growing number of news releases, op-eds, videos, and sound recordings by the authors and allies. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to visit the site, too.

Please also visit Heartland’s Environment Issue Suite, which is updated daily with articles appearing in Environment & Climate News, Heartland’s monthly public policy newspaper, and weekly issues of Climate Change Weekly and NIPCC Update.
Obama’s war on affordable energy is one of the biggest threats our nation faces. Please help us stop him.

Thanks for your support,
Jim Lakely

Follow me on Twitter: @HeartlandInst
Communications Director

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