Take Action Against the Tomahawk Tax in Cobb County

November 20, 2013

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Your County Commissioners are about to vote to raise $300 million in Cobb taxes to pay for the new Atlanta Braves stadium. We need your help at a meeting this Thursday night, November 21st, to send a strong message – don’t leverage Cobb County taxpayers on behalf of the billionaires that own the Atlanta Braves! Let them build their own stadium! The Commission vote is scheduled for next Tuesday evening so time is of the essence.

What can you do to stand for your own bottom line?

1) Send a letter to your district commissioner here and urge them to vote NO on the “Tomahawk Tax”
2) Share the letter with friends by email and on your Facebook page and encourage them to send it to their commissioner.
3) Show up at the Thursday night Commissioner’s meeting (Nov 21) or Mon (Nov 25) or the Tuesday vote on (Nov 26), sign the petition.

Nov 21st – Commissioner Helen Goreham will conduct a town hall meeting at 7 p.m. tonight in the Senior Wellness Center, at 1150 Powder Springs St. in Marietta.
(Chairman Tim Lee said he will be there as did Commissioner JoAnn Birrell)

Nov 25th – Commissioner Bob Ott will hold a town hall meeting to discuss the Braves’ deal at 7 p.m. Monday in
Board of Commissioners’ room, on the second floor of 100 Cherokee St., Marietta.

Nov 25th – Commissioner Lisa Cupid will hold a town hall on the subject at 7 p.m. at the South Cobb Community Center, at 620 Lion Club Drive SW, Mableton.

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