Senate Votes To Fund ObamaCare, Chambliss & Isakson Vote To Ignore Spending Caps!

September 27, 2013

The Senate just passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) with a 54-44 vote. As I described this morning, this CR provides funds for the federal government until November 15 at the $986 billion level and does not include language to defund ObamaCare. Now the measure heads back to the House to consider over the weekend. The CR saga continues!

AFP urged a NO vote because this legislation exceeds the already-agreed-upon spending caps. We will include this vote in our congressional scorecard. Below is a breakdown of the vote, which was entirely along party lines. Click here for the full roll call vote.

I want to highlight another important vote that just happened in the Senate. Previous to the vote on final passage, the Senate voted on a motion to waive the spending caps. This is a very important vote because it shows whether members of Congress are serious about spending control. The motion to waive the spending caps passed with a 68-30 vote. Republicans were divided—30 voted to respect the spending caps, and 14 voted to break them.

Click here to see Senator Chambliss & Isakson on the record against capping spending in Washington!

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