PSC’s Tim Echols Fighting EPA Regs in GA – Report by Dr. James Rust

October 29, 2013

The tyranny of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) against use of fossil fuels, in particular coal, is without precedent. Americans should stand up to this effort to ruin the nations economy.

Fortunately for Georgians, we elect our Public Service Commission (PSC) members. This means they are public servants for the voters; which means electric power ratepayers and not beholden to politicians engaged in selecting partners for “crony capitalism”. Protesting EPA regulations is representing Georgia voters which is a rightful activity for members of Georgia’s Public Service Commission.

Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols is taking a stand against EPA regulations that is shown on the video interview he gave to a Washington, DC television station recently. I have not been made aware of similar activity by other PSC members.

Watch GA PSC Commissioner Tim Echols video interview here.

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