Paulding Proud, Atlanta Ashamed – By Virginia Galloway

May 23, 2012

Who says school systems just need more money to succeed? As we’ve discussed educational freedom this year, we’ve taken a look at what GA public schools are paying for various education categories. Here we examine the central office expenses, which cover only administrators – no teachers. Kudos to State Rep. Jan Jones, who pulled all the spending statistics together and is taking them to the public. You can match them against the State Department of Education expenditure categories.

On the frugal side, we see Paulding and Columbia Counties, both medium sized counties, spending $137 and $130 respectively per student on central office cost. Contrast that with the Atlanta School System, which spent almost $3000 per student , which apparently did not give them enough personnel to notice the huge cheating scandal going on beneath their noses. And yes that is three thousand per student, not three hundred.

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