ObamaCare Update: Do or Die In The Senate Today!

September 27, 2013

There’s a hot debate in Congress over the Continuing Resolution (CR) that will provide funds for the federal government past September 30. Things are moving quickly, so here’s a special Friday edition of the federal legislative update.

What’s coming up next:

Later today, Senate Democrats will vote on stripping out the provision that would defund the President’s health care law before sending it back to the House. If Senators approve this amendment, then the CR will become a straight continuation of current federal spending levels without any extra provisions. Another different feature of the Reid-supported version is that it provides funds until November 15—one month earlier than the House-passed version. AFP opposes this legislation because it raises discretionary spending without offsetting the increase with other spending cuts, which is why AFP urges a NO vote on the Senate continuing resolution.

House Republicans leadership are still deciding how to respond to the Senate’s changes. Following objections from rank and file Republicans, Speaker Boehner has said that the House cannot accept the Senate-passed version of the CR that does not include defunding language. House Republicans have a couple of options: (1) they can fold now, accept the Senate’s changes, and turn their attention to the debt limit; (2) they can agree to a short-term CR that funds government for a few days while they figure out details; or (3) they can do nothing and allow the government to shut down on October 1.

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