No More Excuses About How Bad It Is…GA E3 Summit Attendees Gather To Solve Problems This Weekend In GA – By Joel Aaron

August 21, 2012

“We already know how bad it is! Give us something to do about it!”
“What ARE the solutions we can promote?” I hear these comments every day from activists around Georgia who are fed up with simply drowning in the problems we face as a State and a Nation. The lack of jobs and economic growth, the EPA’s continual attack on reliable energy that drives up the cost of our family’s basic expenses, the failure of our school system. True, we face an incredible task of restoring economic freedom and prosperity in an America where government has grown at a frightening pace in recent years. And if you are tired of the protests and want to “turn the tables on the casino” and have big government advocates responding to you, then the Georgia E3 Summit is where you need to be this Saturday…and we NEED you there with your ideas!

This is not a gathering of protestors, it’s a gathering of freedom fighters, the promoters of solutions to strengthen Georgia and get America back on track.

We will be joined by some of Georgia’s greatest grassroots leaders as well as state legislators and policy experts to discuss solutions to 3 of the greatest issues facing us – our struggling economy, our energy crisis and an education system that is failing our children.

Earlier this year, E3 Summit Keynote Speaker Stephen Moore wrote in the Wall Street Journal with Art Laffer that President Obama’s “tax to prosperity” strategy is easy to debunk simply by looking at the numbers in their “Rich States, Poor States” report for the American Legislative Exchange Council. Comparing the economic performance of states with no income tax (like Florida and Tennessee) to that of states with high rates (Georgia is 6%) is like comparing Hong Kong with Greece or King Kong with fleas! States with lower tax rates win every time! This is a point we will hear loud and clear at the Georgia E3 Summit this Saturday, August 25th – economic freedom leads to prosperity!

The GA E3 Summit will be important for another reason, though. Up until now, many Americans have been in the dark about how tax policy is made. We know our tax code is atrocious, but we don’t know where to start. People feel overwhelmed and discouraged. This week at the Summit, led by Georgia Tech Professor of Economics Christine Ries, we will unveil the “People’s Tax Reform Toolkit”. This will be an unprecedented moment to bring power to the people! For the first time, We The People will have a tool to actually create good tax reform and bring our own numbers to our lawmakers in Georgia and in Washington, D.C. to show them exactly how we can bring our nation back from the fiscal brink!

This weekend will be a game changer for those of us who are sick of simply protesting and feeling overwhelmed, who want to BE THE SOLUTION to the problems we face. If that’s you, I encourage you to attend! Register online now at and check out all the details including great breakout sessions happening throughout the day.

It’s time turn the Ship of State around and set it on a course of restoration. We need you in the fight this Saturday!

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