IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AFP Statement On PSC Vote For Solar Energy Mandate

July 12, 2013

ATLANTA – Americans For Prosperity GA, the nation’s premiere organization for limited government and economic freedom, expresses its disapproval with the 3-2 decision of the Georgia Public Service Commission which calls for a solar energy mandate on private sector energy providers in Georgia. A mandate of any kind, by government, is not free market and AFP supports no mandates or taxpayer-funded government subsidies for any form of energy production. We applaud the NO votes of Commissioner Chuck Eaton on the amendment and the strong dissent of Commissioner Stan Wise that can be found at the following link.

AFP State Director, Virginia Galloway shares “It is unfortunate that the duly elected Public Service Commissioners chose to ignore the concerns of their own constituents and the over 3,600 opposition emails that AFP Georgia activists sent to them. This shows a willingness to put the wishes of special interests ahead of hard-working Georgia taxpayers.”

Solar energy technology has existed for decades and has not been voluntarily adopted in mass in the private sector because of its cost of production and intermittent reliability. Heavy government subsidies of over $14 billion dollars since 2009 have worked to artificially bring down the cost. Historical data suggest (including the most recent data as of April 2013) that Georgians can expect to see unforeseen rate increases of anywhere from 26-40 percent over time and more taxpayer bailouts for solar energy companies. AFP continues to support economically efficient, reliable energy, including renewable energy sources when and where it makes sense as determined by free market forces.

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