IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AFP-Georgia Applauds Gov. Deal’s Executive Order On Common Core Standards

May 16, 2013

“NO” To Intrusive Federal Databank, Lack of Public Input, Federal Curriculum Control

ATLANTA, GA – Americans For Prosperity, Georgia’s premier grassroots advocate for economic freedom, supports Gov. Deal’s executive order as a giant step in the right direction for mitigating some of the most egregious problems associated with Common Core for Georgia students.
The Governor held a press conference today at the Georgia Capitol to sign his executive order, which prohibits school systems from gathering extraneous (beyond testing, attendance, etc.) data and from selling student data to private companies. The order also calls for a 60 day public comment period for any new curriculum and for public meetings to address curriculum adoption. It further prohibits Georgia from being bound to any federally created curriculum.

Georgia is one of 45 states who adopted Common Core standards under Gov. Sonny Perdue and former Superintendent Kathy Cox. Indiana recently voted to get out of Common Core standards amid concerns about compliance cost, federal intrusion into state sovereignty, questions concerning the validity of untested teaching methods, and privacy issues around data collection. Other states could make similar moves away from the standards, adoption of which was tied to both federal Race to the Top funding and release from No Child Left Behind rules.

According to Americans for Prosperity State Director Virginia Galloway, “Common Core standards are the hot-button issue in education, both here in Georgia and across the nation. There are legitimate non-partisan concerns that the federal government is creating yet another expensive, intrusive, untested education program that will fail, just like every other federal education program has done. We support Governor Deal’s step towards protecting Georgia students and school systems from the worst aspects of Common Core. We hope that this will be followed by a deep consideration of other steps to extract Georgia from Common Core.”

“Georgia has come a long way towards providing educational options for parents and students. Traditional public schools, charters, SSOs for private schools, online schools, and homeschools offer variety and opportunities for innovation, as opposed to the one size fits
all model. It would be a shame for Georgia to lose ground by keeping students, educators, and systems in this federally controlled straitjacket.”

According to State School Superintendent John Barge at a recent meeting of the Cobb County GOP, the Common Core Language Arts and Math standards already adopted aren’t too different from Georgia standards. But Barge conceded that the program lacks needed flexibility and testing will be expensive to implement . Neither of those issues is addressed by Gov. Deal’s executive order.

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