IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AFP-GA Slams ObamaCare After Prediction of 198 Percent Rate Hikes

August 02, 2013

Commissioner Hudgens’ comments confirm ObamaCare costs will be devastating for Georgia families.

ATLANTA – Americans for Prosperity-Georgia State Director Virginia Galloway is once again sounding the alarm over the unworkable ObamaCare law, after Georgia Health Insurance Commissioner Ralph T. Hudgens revealed that insurers in the state were asking for astronomical increases up to 198 percent above current premiums.

“I was always skeptical of ObamaCare,” Hudgens said in a written statement, “But I never imagined that it would lead to rates being doubled or tripled.” Hudgens added that “Increases of this magnitude will make coverage less affordable and increase the number of uninsured in Georgia.”

Virginia Galloway released the following statement in response:

“At this point in the calamitous rollout of ObamaCare, no one should be surprised anymore when bad news trickles out. But this has even Commissioner Hudgens taken aback. People may have expected 5 percent or 10 percent increases– but 198 percent? That’s nearly triple the price just to afford insurance coverage. These massive cost increases will be catastrophic for Georgia families, and as the commissioner mentioned, will lead to fewer of them having insurance coverage.

“This outcome is entirely at odds with the stated purpose of ObamaCare. It’s time for the President to accept repeal of this unworkable law and start over with real reforms that address the issues in our health care system. He promised the law would reduce costs; he promised we could keep our doctors. Those promises were all empty. Today, that’s clearer than ever.”

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