Green Tea Party Coalition Is A Break With Tea Party Values – By Patti Gettinger (GA Tea Party Inc)

September 17, 2013

This column is printed on behalf of the Georgia Tea Party Inc, an AFP coalition partner in Cobb County, in response to the Green Tea Party Coalition’s so-called “Rally for Energy Freedom” scheduled for September 17th. AFP Georgia opposed the Green Tea Party Coalition’s recent support of a solar energy mandate on a private energy company in Georgia.

The Sierra Club opposes multiple forms of energy generation, especially coal, natural gas, and nuclear, which combined account for about 90% of the US’s electricity generation. They oppose new hydroelectric dams, and some chapters have even opposed wind and solar projects.

Therefore, to see Georgia Tea Party Patriots team up with the Sierra Club for a Green Tea Party Coalition rally at the Georgia state capitol to “advocate for energy freedom and choice” is downright laughable.

Tea Party Patriots has issued an email inviting folks to “be in the movies” by attending the rally, which the coalition plans to film. When the rally attendee count is estimated, one must speculate on the proportion of rally attendees who are environmental groups, conservatives or film star wannabes.

Since Tea Party Patriots’ spokesperson Debbie Dooley felt compelled to vigorously defend her position to conservatives via the Georgia chapter’s email list, it would appear that other tea party and conservative organizations around the state haven’t been supportive of the coalition’s energy policies.

One such group is The Georgia Tea Party, Inc. We do not support repeal of Georgia’s Territory Act nor mandates establishing quotas for certain sources of generation. We believe deregulation of the electric industry is risky because it has proven quite costly for ratepayers in other states. We support all sources of reliable, efficient, and affordable energy generation sans government subsidies.

A list of Georgia Tea Party’s energy policies can be found on our website here.

Patti Gettinger
Energy Policy Director, The Georgia Tea Party, Inc.


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