GA Tax Reform Plan To Be Unveiled By Member of Former Governor’s Tax Reform Commission This Weekend

August 24, 2012

Georgia Tech Professor Christine Ries will unveil a new “People’s Tax Reform Toolkit” this Saturday in Kennesaw at The Georgia E3 Summit. The “toolkit” is a dynamic program that allows citizens to craft tax policy for Georgia and nationwide by showing the real impact on state revenues and a private citizen’s tax obligation based on a variety of scenarios. The project is a first of its kind tool to empower taxpayers in the public and legislative debate over tax reform.

The project’s development began from the experience Dr. Ries had while serving on the 2010 Tax Reform Commission. The Commission was appointed by former Governor Sonny Perdue to propose tax solutions that will make Georgia more competitive with other states. A couple of the Commission’s recommendations were a part of the tax reform package passed during the 2012 session of the General Assembly.

Professor Ries explains, ”The simulation that will be unveiled on Saturday is designed to further the purpose of…avoiding a false understanding of what tax reform is and why it is important. It will put each of us, as taxpayers, in the drivers’ seat and allow us to consider the tradeoffs and outcomes for yourself.”

AFP Foundation Georgia Communications Director Joel Aaron shares, “If the Fair Tax is one such public policy solution for our federal tax problems, the `People’s Tax Reform Toolkit’ is a game changer for empowering We The People. It’s sure to reinvigorate the movement for limited government, free market support! I can’t wait to see this get in the hands of the people!”

“The Georgia E3 Summit is an unprecedented gathering of nearly 500 nationally-known public policy experts, concerned citizens, and state legislators, specifically geared toward finding solutions for the economic, energy and educational crisises facing Georgia,” says AFPF GA State Director Virginia Galloway. “It will bring together the grassroots including AFPF and Tea Party members, civic club members, media professionals, and academic juggernauts in an exciting way for a meeting of the minds.”

Professor Ries joins Wall Street Journal writer Stephen Moore, JunkScience and Fox News Contributor Steve Milloy and nearly two dozen public policy experts on a dozen panels related to solving Georgia’s energy needs relative to government regulations, public education reform relative to Georgia’s poor graduation rates and promoting jobs and economic growth through economic freedom principles. Registration for the Summit is at

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