Counter Rally Plans To Force Feed Solar MANDATES on GA – Join Energy Freedom Press Conference, 7/11 11AM, State Capitol Steps

July 10, 2013

One of the nation’s largest, far-left wing environmental groups, a strategic player in many of the big government global warming initiatives of the past, The Sierra Club, has announced in a joint email that it is partnering with Georgia Tea Party Patriots, Conservatives in Action and Concerned Citizens to host a rally tomorrow in advance of Americans For Prosperity Georgia’s Energy Freedom Press Conference. They are calling for government mandates for solar energy in Georgia that, historical data suggest, cost taxpayers more money through heavy government subsidization while causing electricity bills to skyrocket.

Here is a link to the join email release from The Sierra Club.

Click here for information to join us for AFPs Energy Freedom Press Conference and stand for limited government, economic freedom, and the good name of conservatives in Georgia.

Please bring signs with an Energy Freedom message that urges the PSC to vote no on energy mandates and “keep the lights on in GA!” Please keep the messages respectful and focused on the issues. Note that if it rains, we will move the rally inside to the South Wing of the Capitol and we are not allowed to bring signs inside the Capitol building.

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