Avoiding The Regulatory Cliff

June 21, 2013

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a coalition partner of Americans For Prosperity on many public policy issues, has released a brand new “Avoiding the Regulatory Cliff: A Bipartisan Agenda To Restore Limited Government and America’s Economy”. The reforms focus on the federal government’s crushing regulatory burden.

Read the whole agenda paper here.

See the list:
1) Deregulate to Stimulate: An Economic Liberalization Agenda for the Future
2) Rein in the $1.8 Trillion Regulatory State
3) Reform U.S. Agriculture Programs
4) Recognize the Deadly Effects of Overregulation of Medicines and Medical Devices
5) Improve Food Safety and Quality Through Greater Information, Consumer Choice, and Legal Accountability
6) Reject the Precautionary Principle, a Threat to Technological Progress
7) Protect Incentives for Pharmaceutical Innovation
8) Forge a Bipartisan Approach to End Corporate Welfare
9) End Bailouts and Government Ownership in Fannie-Freddie, GM, AIG and Other Entities
10) Free Startups to Go Public by Rolling Back Burdensome Sarbanes-Oxley Accounting Rules
11) Make Accounting Regulators Accountable
12) Encourage Innovation in Access to Credit
13) Rethink Anti-Consumer Antitrust Regulation
14) Keep the Internet Free For Pricing Experimentation
15) Limit Government Access to Data but Leave Web Entrepreneurs Free to Innovate 16) Protect Free Speech by Rejecting Content Regulation
17) Resist New Burdens on the Transportation Sector
18) Put Mobility First in Surface Transportation
19) Reform or De-Nationalize Airport Security
20) Reject Attempts to Re-Regulate the Railroad Industry
21) Deregulate to Enhance Auto Safety
22) Recognize the Elitist Nature of Anti-Sprawl Measures
23) Oppose Illegal Efforts by the NLRB to Impose Pro-Union Rules
24) Eliminate Wage Ceilings for Unionized Workers
25) End Government-Subsidized Union Activity
26) End the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation’s Insurance Subsidy
27) Avoid Energy and Global Warming Policies that Pose More Risk Than Global Warming
28) Improve Oversight of the Environmental Protection Agency
29) Repeal the Utility MACT Rule
30) Trash Counterproductive Waste Disposal Policies
31) Purify Federal Water Policies
32) Embrace Private Conservation of Land and Natural Resources
33) Restore the Constitutional Right to Property
34) Protect Endangered Species
35) Clarify the Role of Invasive Species
36) Reform Wetlands Policies
37) Affirm the Role of Property Rights in Water Rights Policies
38) Develop Free-Market Policies to Help Homeowners Deal with Natural Catastrophes 39) Liberalize Home, Automobile, and Life Insurance Regulation
40) Phase Out the National Flood Insurance Program
41) Advance a Global Pro-Trade Agenda
42) Let Market Forces Regulate Internet Gambling
43) Respect the Constitution and Reduce the Government Burden on Alcohol-Related Businesses
44) Rein in the FDA and Protect Consumer Access to Dietary Supplements
45) Protect Federalism

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