AFP Releases Solar Energy Mandates Opposition Points & Supporting Facts

July 11, 2013

Americans For Prosperity Georgia is OPPOSED to solar energy mandates. Here’s why:

GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION – We are for reliable, economically efficient energy, not more government intervention into the private sector. We don’t need taxpayer funded government subsidies and renewable energy mandates.

D.C. IS TOO RISKY – We know that Washington DC is unreliable. By moving toward energy mandates for technologies that are heavily subsidized by taxpayer funded government expenditures, that’s putting Georgia’s energy mix at risk for whenever the tide changes in Washington.

RENEWABLE MANDATES COST TAX PAYERS- Even the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s PolitiFact said on July 10th that the reduction in cost of solar is due, in part, to government subsidies. We would say in large part. According to CFACT and a recent Forbes online article (July 7), the government has spent $14 billion since 2009 propping up renewable energy projects. They wouldn’t have to do that if the technology was more market ready.

RENEWABLE MANDATES COST RATE PAYERS – Historically, the cost to rate payers has risen as high as 40% higher in states that currently have energy mandates. The current rate, according to the Institute for Energy Research, is 26% higher (as of April 2013) for rate payers in states across the nation with a renewable energy mandate. We already know that it costs tax payers.

SOLAR COSTS JOBS – Ga is economically competitive due to reliable, efficient energy. Renewable mandates may make that less true and cause jobs to leave Ga or never come. In NC, a recent study reveals that the presence of RPS could cost them over 3,000 job losses by 2018!

WHY A MANDATE? – If solar has become so cost effective, as Commissioner Lauren “Bubba” McDonald and others have said, why does Georgia need a renewable energy MANDATE? If it was ready for widespread use and really economically efficient, companies would be using more of it on their on, because by using more of it they would know they could cut their cost of production. They are not.

WE ALREADY USE RENEWABLES – Many EMCs use renewable energy in their portfolio mix already, to the degree that it makes sense.

ENERGY FREEDOM – Let us be clear, solar energy mandates or any energy production mandates are not free market. A solar energy mandate placed upon an energy producer in the private sector is not a way to provide free market competition. Mandating the use of a certain type of energy in the private sector are, quite, frankly government intrusion, not energy freedom. Manipulating the free market in this way only hurts consumers and taxpayers in Georgia.

We are in support of true economic energy freedom and limited government. Energy Freedom means no energy subsidies, credits or exemptions for any form of energy production. Let market forces decide, not government intervention subsidized by our taxpayer dollars. Limited government means no unnecessary regulation into the private sector and no subsidies or exemptions into the private energy sector.


• A December report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration shows the average price for operating solar plants that will be active by 2018 will be higher than the costs for coal, natural gas and wind.
Read more: responds-to-politifact-half-true-grade-on-renewables-causing-rising-energy-costs/ #ixzz2Yjo4LwZe

• AJC PolitiFact admitted that the reason for the reduction in price for solar energy in the last 5 years has been, in part, due to government investment. group-wants-georgia-block-solar-requirement/

• 29 states and the District of Columbia have had some form of RPS guidelines. The average price for electricity in states with a binding RPS policy is 39.4 percent higher in all sectors.
Read more: Institute for Energy Research, 191-page 2010 report

• The federal government has used taxpayer dollars to heavily subsidize renewable energy projects with over $14 billion dollars in investment since 2009, artificially offsetting the cost of producing solar energy.
Read more: oil-but-wait-theres-more/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed %3A+cfact+%28CFACT%29&utm_content=Yahoo!+Mail
Forbes Online, July 7, 2013

• 3 more solar energy companies filed for bankruptcy this week alone
Read more:

• Renewable energy mandates are estimated to costs other regional states, like North Carolina, up to 3,500 jobs by 2021.
Read more: John Locke Foundation study, folly-of-energy-mandates-89515_Page2.html%23ixzz2XHaNvhFC

• Renewable energy mandates have been shown to decrease the reliability of the electricity grid in a state.
Read more: The American Interest, renewable-energy-bringing-blackouts-back-to-california/ and Investors Business Daily, http:// reliability.htm

• Solar power will mean a big loss of power during peak hours when electricity is needed most in Georgia.
Read more: SunnyPortal and “Solar ENergy Numbers Don’t Add Up For GA”-Dr. James Rust, The Heartland Institute numbers-dont-add-up-for-ga-by-dr-james-rust/

• House Bill 657 in Georgia would create a statewide solar electricity provider and grant it a legal monopoly in Georgia.
Read more: hurt-georgia-by-virginia-galloway/

• Coal represents less than 25 percent of Georgia’s energy production at this time and in terms of renewable energy, not counting hydroelectric, Georgia is a leader in the South, second only to Florida.
Read more: by-the-numbers-dr-james-rust/

• Adding a 500 MW solar plant to the other renewable power generation would add about 50,000 megawatts per month, an insignificant amount in Georgia’s overall energy mix.
Read more U.S. Energy Information Administration

• Georgia has more renewable power generation (not counting hydroelectric) than 28 other states. Georgia Power is already committed to increasing it by another 270 megawatts, without a mandate.
Read more: by-the-numbers-dr-james-rust/#ixzz2YjuM1Zuj

• Based on the levelized cost of power generation, solar energy is one of the most expensive energy options out there and it relies heavily on taxpayer subsidies.
Read more: U.S. Energy Information Administration, the-money/

• By proposing a solar energy mandate in Georgia, Commissioner Lauren “Bubba” McDonald is breaking his words on mandates
Read more: commissioner-bubba-mcdonalds-2008-pledge-coming-soon/

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