AFP Opposes Pork Waste In The Name of Sandy Victims

January 29, 2013

Congress has once again used a real-life tragedy to pass a bill that provides special interest union payoffs and pork barrel waste.

Last night, the U.S. Senate passed the Hurricane Sandy recovery bill (H.R. 152) with a 62-36 vote. The $50.5 billion package does not include offsets, nor does it apply to the discretionary spending caps established in the Budget Control Act, due to its dubious “emergency” designation. The House passed H.R. 152 earlier this month including the Frelinghuysen amendment which provided $33.7 billion for long-term aid, intended to help states in the Northeast recover.

The legislation shows a lack of prioritization, lack of discipline and a misleading use of the Superstorm Sandy victims. The spending is not offset by any cuts and while it is pitched as “emergency” relief for storm victims, most of the spending commitments don’t come until next year! H.R. 152 is simply another DC excuse, playing a tragedy for additional pork barrel spending that leaves behind the Sandy victims in favor of more fat cat payouts to union bosses and unrelated pork.

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