AFP Opposes $275 Million Gwinnett Co SPLOST Tax

October 30, 2013

Read the entire email action alert here.

We need you to join other AFP Gwinnett activists at a SPLOST Tax Town Hall this evening, Wednesday, October 30th at 7pm to stand for your own interests against an effort to slap you with a 20% tax hike in Gwinnett!

It seems your Gwinnett County Commission has very little respect for you as a taxpayer or parent, stooping to demagoguery in the name of your own children. Next Tuesday, on November 5th, they are going to try and sneak by with low voter turnout and stick you with a 20% tax hike by implying that if you don’t support them, you don’t care about the safety of your children. How? By tucking $5 million for school safety inside an ambiguous $275 million dollars worth of new taxes. They are actually using student safety as a precondition of support for their new sneak-a-tax fund! Why not prioritize existing funds to the obvious priority of protecting our kids? It’s time to demand honesty and transparency from our County Commission.

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