AFP GA: 2012 Year In Review

December 17, 2012

Wow, what a year you made it as an AFP Georgia activist standing in the gap for limited government! Thank you for your hard fought efforts! Some battles won, some lost. While we are seeing Capitol Hill embrace ever-larger government, be encouraged! We are seeing a decided movement toward AFPs principles of economic freedom in States like Georgia and around the Country as people focus on making their communities more effective.

In January, AFPF members led the way, feeding the School Choice movement when the film release, “Making The Grade in GA: Educational Freedom and Justice for All”, premiered live from Atlanta and at online satellite events around the State. School Choice Week saw thousands of students converge on the State Capitol while a Charter School Constitutional amendment made its way through the legislative process. The“Making The Grade in GA” tour eventually visited over 50 communities around the State and sparked an online fan base of thousands on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, a half dozen town halls

were held, led by state lawmakers explaining the need for more school choice for parents and students. By year’s end AFPF members had hosted over 100 more charter school town halls, made a presence at dozens of fairs and festivals in the Fall and passed out over 20,000 informational pieces through door-to-door and parking lot canvassing!

Starting in February, AFPF launched a continuation of the AFPF Judicial 101 Tour to highlight the make-up of the American legal system and show how AFP GA activists can have influence on it. AFPFs Economic Freedom Tour continued with dozens of new tour dates at community clubs and schools.

During the 2012 GA General Assembly session, AFP GA Day at the Capitol trained dozens of new activists while dozens more engaged in citizen lobbying. Key AFP issues including the Charter School Constitution Amendment, Zero Based Budgeting, the Government Accountability Act (Sunset bill), and limited tax reform aimed at simplifying the tax code to spur investment in GA Agribusiness, all passed the State Legislature.

AFPF members spread civic education with multiple state-wide partner events including FEE (Foundation for Economic Education’s) Night with John Stossell, our ALEC Lunch with Jonathan Williams and the GPPF (GA Public Policy Foundation’s) Legislative Policy Forum. The AFPF GA E3 Summit taught over 400 AFP members intensive training on economic, energy and educational freedom with featured speakers like Wall Street Journal columnist Stephen Moore, Junk Science Founder Steve Milloy and more! The 3rd Annual AFPF Constitution Day Festival of GA brought civics and a celebration of America’s Birthday to the streets around Marietta.

AFP GA activists invested heavily in fights on national issues as well. A GA delegation joined thousands on Capitol Hill for the Hands Off My Health Care Rally during the ObamaCare Supreme Court debates in May. GA activists joined hundreds more to grow an online army at RightOnline 2012 in Vegas and the AFPF Defending the American Dream Summit in DC this Summer. Here are just a few of AFP GA’s other 2012 activities:
-The Environmental Sanity Rally protested out-of-control Environmental Protection Agency regulations outside the EPAs Atlanta office door
-Formed a Committee for Educational Freedom to debate the merits of the Charter School Amendment at events statewide and distribute fact-sheets along the way. The effort led to the passage of the Charter Amendment on the November ballot
-AFP GA Adopt-A-State Project sent over 350 activists on six buses to places like Orlando FL and Roanoke and Richmond VA for massive door-to-door efforts to promote economic freedom and limited government. Along the way, they received a personal visit from Atlanta talk show host Neal Boortz honoring them for their efforts!
-Over 200 activists signed up to use the AFP Freedom Phone system and make calls to fellow Americans around the Country, hosting phone calling parties and more
-AFP GA activists volunteered for Right to Work and public sector union reform movements in WI, OH and MI
-Encouraged Gov. Nathan Deal to say “no” to a state-sponsored health insurance exchange
-Just last week, AFP GA activists visited U.S. House Reps. David Scott and Rob Woodall along with U.S. Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson to call for no tax hikes on hard-working Americans and push for spending cuts from Washington

It has been a full year of non-stop action for Americans for Prosperity activists like yourself. We have made so many gains and have a lot to build on in Georgia! Unfortunately, there is a lot to fight against as the Federal Government continues to push for more growth that stifles economic freedom. The fight continues in 2013 on some familiar and some brand new battlefields. Thank you again for all you do to promote limited government and economic freedom as the heroes in the trenches! Enjoy the holiday season with family, then, get ready to sprint…the fight rages on in 2013!

Merry Christmas!

Your AFP GA Staff
Virginia Galloway, State Director
Joel Aaron, Grassroots & Communications Director
Carolyn Garcia, Office Assistant

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