5 Reasons to Vote for Charter School Amendment 1 – By Virginia Galloway

November 01, 2012

An AFP-GA member asked for a short list of reasons for her friend to vote yes on the charter amendment. Please feel free to forward this email to your friends and family. We also would love to have you ‘share’ the information from the AFP-GA Facebook page.

1. Parents are the most aware of their child’s needs and when they’re not being met in the current environment.

2. This amendment only reinstates what worked well in GA before the GA Supreme Court struck it down in 2011 – an alternate authorizer, outside of local boards, just like 32 other states have in place.

3. GA’s economic development depends on improving educational outcomes – start up charters have a proven ability to do that.

4. Parents with means already have school choice, parents without do not. Let’s offer options that can break the cycle of generational poverty. Think Clayton County, Bibb County, Dougherty County…. Would you let your child go to school there?

5. The high school GA dropout rate and highest in nation incarceration rate are highly related – just a small part of the cost to society when we fail to educate and graduate our students. 1 of 3 students in GA public schools drop out.

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