Rep. Hank Johnson is an Embarrassment to Georgians: AFP Responds To Attacks

December 21, 2011

News Release
GEORGIA – Yesterday Georgia Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson went on a rambling tirade on the House floor, making ridiculous and demonstrably false accusations about the national tea party movement.

Calling the tea party movement a “corporate driven animal,” that was financed by “secret organizations” like Americans for Prosperity, Rep. Johnson displayed a stunning level of ignorance about the organic movement of liberty-minded Americans that continues to rise up in response to wasteful government spending and abuse of taxpayer money.

Georgia’s Americans for Prosperity State Director Virginia Galloway said, “This isn’t the first time Rep. Johnson has made statements that left us shaking our heads here in Georgia. Rep. Johnson is either willfully unaware or ignoring the 45,000+ patriotic members of Americans for Prosperity in the state of Georgia who resent being called ‘corporate animals’ by a politician in Washington D.C.”

When Hank Johnson isn’t worrying about the island of Guam capsizing, he apparently is fabricating grand ‘cloak and dagger’ conspiracies about the American public. According to Rep. Johnson, the tea party is a “ruse that was perpetrated on the people.”

Galloway continued, “After years of the tea party and groups like Americans for Prosperity advocating for sound fiscal policies and fighting government waste, most Americans agree with our core message: that federal government spending is out of control. Yet Rep. Johnson still doesn’t get it. The Democrats should be embarrassed to allow Rep. Johnson to ramble on and make ignorant statements about what has been one of the most effective and unifying movements in American politics.”

Rep. Johnson’s remarks on the House floor can be seen HERE.

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